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Among all the pretty little cities in Finland Porvoo is undoubtletly the most charming and unique. There are just a few towns in Finland which can boast about their history going back to the Middle Ages and Porvoo is one of them.

Porvoo´s history is long and quite turbulent, but fortunatelly no raids by vikings or several town fires started by Russian troops have stopped it from raising again, litterarily from ashes. The milieu of Old Porvoo is so authentic and uniform, that it looks like you were transported back in time two hundred years ago, yet Porvoo is lively and lovely town visited and loved by Finns and foreigners from all over the world.

The streets of the romantic Old Town are medieval. By the sides there are little shops, coffee houses, chocolate makers, antique shops, art gallerys and good restaurants. You can stroll trough narrow alleys where people live in red, yellow, green and pink wooden houses. You can admire their old gardens, which are a sight to behold ! There is also the little cobbled stoned square with the beautiful old Town Hall, filled with history from the times of the Autonomy of Finland and the Russian emperors, two hundred years ago. Above all, upon a hill stands the Cathedral of Porvoo, as magnifient still today as it was 600 hundred years ago, when it was built and the red warehouses at the waterfront are quite unique in Finland.

Walking around in Old Porvoo you will notice many inviting looking little shops and restaurants. You might really like to visit them all! CitaBella Shop&Lunch in Porvoo combines shopping and lunches in Porvoo, just to make the choice easier. And it is also a great way to spend a day in a beautiful and interesting city.


I am Kaarina and I am the producer and guide of CitaBella tours. I was born and raised in Helsinki, but I´ve lived many years abroad, mainly in the Netherlands, France and Italy. I have worked as a guide in Amsterdam and Nice, as well as in Helsinki and Porvoo. I have also written many articles to Finnish magazines about travelling, food, history and culture. When I lived in Provence, France, I made a book about Provencal kitchen – Aurinkokeittiö, elämää Provencessa "The Sunny Kitchen, living in Provence".

Because I love travelling, food, history and culture, and because I live in Porvoo, I got the idea to combine my favourite things in creating a lovely and memorable daytrip here, including a short tour in historic Porvoo with marwellous shoppin opportunities, visiting gallerie and museums and enjoying afterwards a great lunch in one of the many excellent restaurants of this area. During the bus rides I´ll tell you about the city of Porvoo and give you advise about the shops, coffeehouses, etc. I´ve listed in their own categories the very best shops of Porvoo and marked them in a map to make it easy for every guest of CitaBella to visit them. I would like to point out that my recommendations are quite unbiased and based only on my own good opinions after visiting each place several times and after having always having a positive experience. There used to be a fortress - citadella - in Porvoo until the 15th century. The name "CitaBella" is my own version, since Porvoo really is a beautiful little city.

Shop&Lunch in Porvoo

In old Porvoo there are so many quaint little shops and inviting retaurants in idyllic settings that you might want to visit them all! CitaBella Shop&Lunch Tour combines shopping with lunches in Porvoo just to make the choice easier. It is also great way to spend a day in this most beautiful and interesting of cities.

The duration of CitaBella Shop&Lunch in Porvoo programs are about 7,5 – 8 hours depending on the chosen program and the location of the meeting- and arrival points. Example place of departure: Helsinki. Departure to Porvoo from Helsinki at 10.00h by chartered bus. In Porvoo the programme includes a short guided walking tour in Old Porvoo, after which there is free time for you to visit the best shops and some of the many attractions of Porvoo. In summer you can also hop in a bus that circulates regularly in the center of Porvoo free of charge. After shopping there follows the lunch in a wonderful restaurant according to your choice. Each restaurant in Citabella Shop&Lunch in Porvoo program is excellent and sits in a beautiful milieu where you can walk around afterwards. Attention – if your choice of the restaurants of the programme is Brasserie L´Amour we will continue the tour directly after the lunch.

On route back towards Helsinki we make a visit to a wonderful high quality manor shop Butiken på Landet in the beautiful countryside of Kulloo and to an art gallery with lovely shop in an old factory in a pictoresque seaside village. Arrival in Helsinki at 17.30.

Shops, restaurants and galleries

Places for lunch

With CitaBella Shop & Lunch in Porvoo you have four different choices for lunch: The manor of Haikko, the Bistro Konst och Form, the manor of Sannäs and the Brasserie L´Amour. Two hours are reserved for lunch, during which you can also relax and stroll in these charming and serene surroundings of the Finnish countryside.

Haikko Manor restaurant

The splendid hotel and restaurant Haikko is situated by the sea, in a magnificient setting 7 km from the center of Porvoo. We will leave the center of Porvoo and drive the short distance to Haikko, where the lunch is waiting. During the ride I will tell you interesting things about the place – about it´s long history as well as modern times. After arrival we will have a welcome drink in the Yellow Salon, where you can admire the paintings on the walls, among which there are several original Works by Albert Edelfelt, the most internationally famous of Finnish painters at the end of 19 th century.

We will enjoy our lunch in the great dining salon and in the summer depending on the weather, outside on the terrace with fantastic views to the sea and the archipelago of Porvoo. After lunch there is time to walk in the stunning rose garden in the old park. There leads a path down to the waterfront and the glistening waves of the Gulf of Finland. The Haikko Manor includes also a first class spa with a shop where you can have a look at many lovely spa products and jewellery, perfums, scarfs, clothes and toys for children.



Haikko-water is included in the price. Other drinks can be chosen from the lists and will be billed separately.

Option 1.

• Smoked reindeer and country cheese salad
• fried fillets of salmon with chives sauce
• glazed vegetables of the season
• potatoes
• coffee or tea with a piece of chocolade

Option 2.

• Chicken and vegetables with cranberry sauce
• creamed potatoes
• coffee or tea with a piece of chocolade

Bistro Konst Och Form

Gumbostrand Konst och Form ( =”Art and Form”) is a former factory, which after being transformed to an art center building nowadays combines in a large space modern Scandinavian art and design exhibitions, a wonderful bistro and a shop with a good selection of gifts and stylish objects, interrior furnishings and of course lots of sculpture and paintings. After shopping in Porvoo we drive 25km distance to Gumbostrand Konst och Form in Söderkulla. The route itself is already a pleasure for it goes trough the beautifully old and cultured landscape, and in the end it leads to the idyllic and picturesque fishing village of Gumbostrand. Konst och Form is situated in a wonderful place near the sea where the narrowing road twists between traditionally red-painted wooden houses.

Our lunch is served in the elegant Bistro which serves delicious, organic food. After lunch there is enough time reserved for visiting the art gallery, going shopping either in the gallery shop or walking to Röda Huset´s shop just near by. There you can find different local artisan objects, paintings and all kinds of unique and charming gifts. You can stroll down to the little harbour and let your eyes rest on the wonderful sights of the sailing boats, and catch a glimpse of life in these waters and islands.

Open Friday-Sunday, summertime Wednesday-Sunday.



Water is included in the price. Other drinks can be chosen from the list and will be billed separately.

• Bistro´s lasagne
• fresh salad
• coffee or tea

The Manor of Sannäs

Sannas is an old manor, situated in the countryside about 10 km distance from Porvoo center. In the 15 th century there was a village and fortress. For somebody who is facinated by old romantic Finnish manors the milieu of Sannäs leaves nothing to wish for. There is an old garden with magnifient oak trees, a herb garden, and a litlle river runs through it. We will have our lunch in one of the Gustavian style dinner rooms and enjoy the excellent Finnish kitchen of the manor. In the summer, depending on weather, the lunch will be served on the terrace next to the garden.

After lunch you can stroll in the garden and have a look around the splendid manor and admire the elegant rooms, filled with history.



Buffet of the Manor of Sannäs

• 2 different salads
• a dish of meat, chicken, or fish according to choice with 2 different accompaniments
• bread of the manor
• a small dessert
• coffee or tea

Brasserie L´Amour

An old bank building was renovated to house the new and modern Brasserie L´Amour. Is is situated at the Rihkamatori, ("the Trinket Market") just in the middle of old Porvoo and the shopping streets.

On the menu there are the updated old classics as well as the lighter street-food dishes. The beer selection of Brasserie L´Amour is long and extensive. After lunch in Brasserie L´Amour we will continue the program further outside of Porvoo.



Water included in the price, other drinks from the list.

During the spring/summer season:

• A fresh salad and home made bread of the house.

During autumn/winter season:

• A warm soup, home made bread of the house
• meat/fish/vegetarian dish of the day
• a little dessert
• coffee or tea

Prices & terms

Changes in the prices are possible. Prices are for groups of at least 10 adult persons of the Haikko Manor Restaurant and Bistro Konst och Form visits. Prices for smaller groups will be priced separately. Please ask offer via contact form below. Sannäs Manor visits are for groups of at the least 20 adult persons.

Program A
  • A day in Porvoo and surroundings including lunch in the Manor Haikko 99,00€ / person   
  • children 4-12 years 49,00€ / person
Program B
  • A day in Porvoo and surroundings including lunch at the Bistro Konst och Form 75,00€ / person
  • children 4-12 years 37,00€ / person
Program C
  • A day in Porvoo and surroundings including lunch in the Manor of Sannäs 89,00€ / person
  • children  4-12 years  44,00€ / person
Program D
  • A day in Porvoo and surroundings including lunch at the Brasserie
    L´Amour € 70€ / person
  • children 4-12 years € 35€ / person
CitaBella Shop&Lunch in Porvoo prices include
  • Guiding tour in Porvoo in Finnish, English or Dutch
  • Bus services
  • Lunch. Drinks, except water are not included
  • Welcome drinks in the Manor Haikko and Sannäs
  • Booking payments, 10% of the total price
  • VAT 24%
Terms of payment and cancellations
  • The terms of cancellation appear in the written confirmation.
  • You are requested to conform CitaBella of the sizes of groups and possible changes at the latest two weeks before the trip unless agreed differently.
  • If the reservation is cancelled 15-30 days before the beginning of the trip the cancellation payment is 25% of the total price, 72-14 hours 50% and less than 14 hours 100%.
  • CitaBella is not responsible for possible damages caused to the client due to cancellation.
  • You will be invoiced one week before the confirmed trip at the latest.
  • CitaBella will reserve the right to minor changes in the program of the trip.
Practical advise for your day
  • Before the trip you are kindly requested to inform CitaBella of possible special requirements.
  • Distances in Porvoo are not long; however wearing comfortable shoes is essential due to cobble-stone alleys and on the nature terrains of the lunch places.
  • To wear clothing suitable for the weather, such as sheltering hats and sunglasses on sunny days. Consider taking umbrella on possibly rainy days. CitaBella will lend umbrellas to groups up to 15persons.
  • Persons with limited mobility can participate in the CitaBella Shop&Lunch in Porvoo Day except in the guided walking tour in Porvoo due to partly uneven and steep alleys.
  • The busses can park only on areas marked for them.
  • Please note: After the guided tour in Porvoo you will have 2 hours to explore the city on your own without the guide. However, you are welcome to ask suggestions and ideas of how to spend the time, or where to go shopping. You will also be provided with a list of recommended shops in Porvoo. same applies to your free time after lunch.